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The 1 day Handgun defense 2 course is an adaptive course designed to give the intermediate shooters the proper handgun fundamentals. Starting with students mindset, the class focuses on the foundation of accuracy, acceptable accuracy under stress, and how to balance speed and accuracy .This course develops critical skills using their handgun. The Defense handgun 2 course teaches students to operate their handgun at higher level, providing them with practical and retainable skills intended to increase their level of effectiveness and decrease reaction time.  Individuals will be instructed in and expected to work thru complex situations that will instill confidence and produce reflexive memory.

Students will learn the cycle of operation of their weapon, be able to perform basic and intermediate levels of maintenance and care, translate the fundamentals of marksmanship into performance, refine the most efficient way to load, unload, and operate the weapon systems, draw, employ and engage threats from concealment, learn the threat sequence in order to present the most effective weapon system on target for engaging single and multiple threats, shooting effectively while moving, retention and operation of weapons during close quarters conflict.

COST : 250$



Equipment needed