Proudly Training in California


This course will teach people about handguns, shotguns and rifles.  The course is  4 hours, 2 hour in the classroom going firearm safety, firearm nomenclature. The other 2 hours will be on the range where students can use the gun they want to get familiar with or just want to learn how to shoot different types of guns. The class is also great for people who have inherited firearms from family members and they want to learn how to use them.

First time shooter is a great way to get into shooting. We will give people knowledge so people can  understand california how every firearms works that someone could buy in california. This class will give you mindset you need to buy and be a responsible gun owner.

Learn the basic of owning a firearms in california

The cost of the class will cover ammo and targets. We will bring guns for everyone to shoot. Students can bring their own guns.

COST : 160$

RANGE FEE : Students must pay the $17.00 range at the range or to the instructor.




Equipment needed

Students will pay for their own rage fees at the range.