Proudly Training in California


This class is 250.00$ per person, this will cover the CCW for Sacramento county and Placer  county permits . Additional handguns qualifications are $10 each and can be purchased during class. Most departments limit  3  guns on your permit depending on the county.

Itus defense CCW class breaks down the fundamentals of being an  CCW holder and the mental process while using a gun in a real life scenario. Are Classes will help shooters from Beginner level develop and improve their mindset. We will also  help students with their mental focus, situational  awareness and develop the person plan action for any type of situation. These skills will help students deal will everyday life and being around other in public places while carry gun.


The Classroom







RANGE FEES: Range fees of $17 are the responsibility of the student, and can be paid directly to your Instructor on range day.