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The 1 day Handgun defense 2 course is an adaptive course designed to give the intermediate shooters the proper handgun fundamentals. Starting with students mindset, the class focuses on the

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The women’s self-defense seminar  will give you self-confidence to handle  potentially violent situations. Our program for women gives  valuable information and strategies on avoiding dating violence, date rape & date rape drugs, college

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The one day defensive Handgun training 1 course is an adaptive course designed to give the beginner shooter the proper handgun fundamentals, the class focuses on the basic fundamentals of

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David Jackson

I have spent the past six years in the military and currently working as a law enforcement professional with a large agency in California. Due to my military experience, law enforcement profession and being member of the NRA, I have become proficient with the use of firearms. In addition, I am a Department of Justice certified firearms instructor and worked in military intelligence and investigations. I possess real world experience understanding how and when to use a firearm. My military experience has provided me with knowledge and experience to fire every type of pistols, rifles, shotguns and crew served weapon system. For the past four years I’ve worked as a sales associate in different gun stores that I have also partnered with on various occasions.